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Standard Interconnection Application Submission Form

  1. Note:

    This form is for current  Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) customers only.  It is to be used AFTER the Pre-Application Report Request has been submitted and approved.

    Please make sure you have sufficient time for completion as this form will not save progress for use at a later time. 

    Upon submission, it will be e-mailed to the utility shop office personnel, including the master electrician. Please call 763-576-2903 or leave a message for Michelle at 763-576-2705 with any questions.

  2. Installation site*
  3. Is the installation address the same as the service address?*
  4. Name of the business for interconnection.

  5. Please answer Yes or No to the following statement:*

    I designate an Application Agent to serve as a single point of contact to coordinate with the DER Interconnection Coordinator on my behalf.

  6. Interconnection Company if applicable

  7. This person will serve as a single point of contact to coordinate with the DER Interconnection Coordinator (Utility Admin.) on their behalf. 

    Examples include:  DER vendors (such as Solar Agent/Coordinator), project managers or electricians.

  8. Please upload required document.

    For Fast Track and Study Processes. 

  9. NOTE: Use our Uniform Contract for Cogeneration as it has some pre-filled standard verbiage that we require on our contract.  ALL OTHERS WILL BE REJECTED FOR RE-SUBMISSION.

  10. Please include any relevant notes, messages, or questions you may have at this time regarding this interconnection. The DER Coordinator will respond as soon as possible.

  11. Next Steps:

    Send *$300 meter fee payable to City of Anoka to the address of:

    Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU)
    Attn:  DER Coordinator
    501 Pierce Street
    Anoka, MN 55303

    - OR -

    Pay over the phone for a small phone fee. See our Rate Sheet for current Convenience fee on non-present payment charges. Call the city's Finance Department to make a "Solar Meter Fee Payment" with reference to the installation address.

    *Check for current meter fee found on the  Standard Interconnection webpage. which is 75% of the meter cost at today's rate (updated as prices change)

    After the application and all fees are received, notification will be sent, and with approval installation may begin.

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