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Certification of Completion Submission Form

  1. Note:

    This form is for current  Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) customers only. 

    Please make sure you have sufficient time for completion as this form will not save progress for use at a later time. 

    Upon submission, it will be e-mailed to the utility shop office personnel, including the master electrician. 

    Please call 763-576-2903 with any questions.

  2. Name(s) on solar application.

  3. Is the location of Solar Installation the same as the Service Address?*
  4. (if different from Service Address above)

    Single location only. Do NOT include multiple locations please.

  5. Please upload required documents.

    Steps upon Completion of Work.

  6. Next Step:

    As the last step, schedule the Anti-islanding testing using the Anti-islanding Scheduling Form  in order to commission the interconnection.

  7. Please Note:
    • Meter seals are NOT to be cut by contractors or by homeowner(s) and MUST be scheduled through our AMU office. Contact us at the Anoka Municipal Shop. 
    • If you wish to have a production meter installed, which is not required,  we can provide one for $40.00 . Please let our Master Electrician know in advance. Thank you!
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