Organics Recycling Drop-Off Collection Program

Organics KitAnoka's Waste Reduction & Recycling Board is pleased to announce the implementation of the organics recycling drop-off collection program in partnership with Anoka County!  

This is a FREE program for city residents, supported by a grant and SCORE funding through Anoka County.  


  • Sign Up Online and you will be contacted when your kit is available for pick up at Anoka City Hall.  Your kit is a small collection container (pictured above), compostable bags, and  instructions about what is accepted and information on the drop-off collection site.   


  • The address is:  649 Garfield Street  East.  It's at the NW corner of 7th Ave. & Garfield St.  
  • Enter off 7th Ave. and exit onto 7th Ave.  
  • This is at a city surface parking lot (former MTC bus stop).  It is just south of the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center.  
  • The site is available for drop-off 7 days a week.  However, for safety reasons, we suggest using the site only during daylight hours because there is no overhead lighting.   
  • In the winter, the city will plow a path after snow events, but will not plow the entire lot, so please follow the plowed path in and out.  
  • The enclosure (fence) to the dumpster has a side door that faces east.  Please use that door.  This door is not locked.  The front gates where the hauler will access, may be locked.  Please close the side door when you leave.   
  • We have increased the size of the dumpster from a 2-yard to a 4-yard.  Size will be adjusted as needed.     
  • The hauler picks up the organics on Wednesdays on a weekly basis.  This frequency will help in the summer months to lessen the chance of bugs, etc.    
  • There is a compostable bag dispenser in the enclosure.  We ask that you take only a couple of the green compostable bags per week for your collection of organics.  Brown paper bags for collection are also acceptable.  
  • NOTE:  At times there might be large equipment at the site for city projects.  Please use caution while at the site.  


  • Below are graphics showing what can be placed in the organics collection.  
  • In the right column, view the organics informational flyer, instructions and site information.  
  • If you use the last of the compostable bags at the site, please notify us at the number or email below.   
  • Absolutely no plastic bags are accepted!!
  • Please remove labels/sticker on all pizza boxes and produce. 
  • Please be our eyes!!  If you notice any contamination – garbage of any sort – please contact the city (see below).  We cannot always be there to monitor the site, so we need to rely on users to help keep the site clean and to make this a sustainable program that can grow. 

CONTACT:  PAM BOWMAN | 763-576-2725 | EMAIL: 

Thank you for participating!  
Let's work together to make this program a success in reducing waste.

Want to learn more about organics recycling?  Visit Anoka County Organics.

Site Aerial | Organics Guide & Fact Sheet 

Organics graphic