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2024 Economic Development Commission Business Survey

  1. Survey Information

    Anoka's Economic Development Commission (EDC) advises the City Council on matters affecting the

    City’s economy and focuses upon building the local economy by balancing development, expanding tax base, enhancing employment opportunities and growing community income. It strives to retain and expand existing businesses, promote entrepreneurial and workforce development, and market the City as a business and tourism destination.

    The vitality of our local economy depends upon a healthy, growing business community. The City of Anoka’s EDC has created a brief, 10-question survey to establish a better understanding of the needs of private businesses within Anoka.

    Please complete this brief survey to help us learn how to help your business thrive. Thank you.

  2. 1. Do you have immediate concerns or issues the City should address or investigate?
  3. 3. Do you utilize City of Anoka and/or Anoka County programs/resources to benefit your business?
  4. 5. In the Anoka downtown area, do you have concerns regarding parking?
  5. 6. Now that Highway 10 improvements are complete, are you satisfied with the improvements that have been made?
  6. 7. Do you participate in any networking or business groups?
  7. 9. Do you anticipate future expansion - building size, personnel, timing etc.?
  8. 10. Would you like an in-person meeting with a member of Anoka's EDC?
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