Building Department Division

Introducing Online Permits!

We now have an application and payment portal for some permits.

  • Deck applications cannot be submitted using this portal.  Please scroll down to find and use the Building Permit Application found in the Permit Applications (to print or download) section below.
  • Available online permits include:
    • Building - Door Replacements, Re-Roof, Siding and Window Replacements
    • Electric
    • Mechanical - Fireplaces, New Construction, New Installations and Replacements
    • Plumbing - Drain, Waste and Vent, Fixture Replacements, PVB's and RPZ's
    • Zoning - Driveways, Fences, Signs and Structures such as gazebos, pergolas and sheds that are 200 square feet or less

To be redirected to the online permit portal click the button below or click online permits.

Pay Online

Permit Application Process for applications not being submitted using the Online Permit portal:

Step 1:  Proceed with completing an application only if the property address is in the City of Anoka.

  • To verify an address and ownership, click Anoka County Parcel Viewer
  • If the address is not in the City of Anoka, please contact the city or township in which the address is located and that jurisdiction will help you.

Step 2:  Complete and submit your application with any required documents such as your site plan and building plans.

  • The applications below are fillable PDFs.  Applications are updated yearly, please use the most current application form posted below.  Please note we have separate applications for roofing, siding and windows/doors replacements (same size).
  • The applications below may be submitted via email, mailed, put in the drop box located outside of Anoka City Hall or in person.  We no longer accept applications through facsimile.
  • If you have code construction questions, please contact the Building Official.  If you have zoning questions, please contact the City Planner.  If you have other questions, please contact the Building Permit Technician.

Step 3:  Your application will be reviewed and we will call you upon approval regarding payment for the permit.

  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, checks or exact cash.
  • Issued permits will be emailed to you unless otherwise indicated.

Step 4:  Proceed with your project and schedule inspections.

  • To schedule inspections, you can either: